The Dusty Manuscript

About the initiative

The dusty Manuscript initiative, is a brand new literary prize set up to promote the Nigerian writer to tell and sell their stories, top winning entries will get published under the Farafina breeze imprint, with over ₦1,500,000 Naira in cash prize.

We believe in not only discovering the next generation of Nigerian writers but also in empowering them, so that they can tell our stories across the globe. Which is why the Dusty Manuscript initiative features a two-day book writing and marketing boot-camp for the top 25 longlisted book authors.

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What we are looking for

We are seeking submissions of genre fiction manuscripts that stretch boundaries creatively, culturally and socially. We believe in the power of genre fiction to tell our stories in an innovative way without sacrificing the Nigerian experience!

The Dusty Manuscript initiative is open to submissions of manuscripts written in English. No entry fee is required. Entrants retain all publication rights. The top entries will be selected by a panel of judges.

We started accepting submissions from February 5th 2018. Submission period for entries is now closed.