I Am Autistic – This Is What The World Looks Like To Me

Too Much Information Campaign by National Autistic Society

Too Much Information campaign which is all about raising public awareness and understanding of autism. This year, the focus of the campaign was around how the fear of unexpected changes for autistic people can result in crippling anxiety and leads to social isolation.

In the film, Sarah who is preparing herself to leave the house and get on a train allows her imagination to run away with her and she finds herself on a busy commuter train. The train has delays, diversions, loud crowds and then when her discomfort becomes visible the public start tutting and staring.  The fear of what could go wrong on the train and the unexpected changes that could take place are so overwhelming for Sarah that she never manages to leave and instead stays inside.

Let us all take out time to understand Autism and ways to help people living with Autism more comfortable around us


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