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I Am Autistic – This Is What The World Looks Like To Me

Too Much Information Campaign by National Autistic Society Too Much Information campaign which is all about raising public awareness and understanding of autism. This year, the focus of the campaign was around how the fear of unexpected changes for autistic people can result in crippling anxiety and leads to social isolation. In the film, Sarah […]


Autism and the culture of shaming

We were born in the eighties, we grew up in estates and this helped shapen and entrench our intrinsic African values of communal living and friendship. Our parents were civil servants so we lived as neighbours and grew up contented with life’s abundant blessings, we grew to value the essence of friendship and family. In […]


Letting Go of the Anger with Autism

Recently, my son came home from school… angry. I have been in counseling (for various reasons) and know that anger is just a reaction or response to pain, hurt, and sadness. Anger is an emotion I subconsciously went to in the past before realizing that underneath all those outbursts and fits of rage was heartbreak I […]


Discipline Strategies for Children and Teenagers with ASD

Discipline is about helping children learn how to behave appropriately. You can use a range of discipline strategies to teach your child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) the basics of good behaviour. About discipline Discipline is helping your child learn how to behave – as well as how not to behave. It works best when […]


Tantrums and Meltdowns: How to De-Escalate Behavior

Meltdowns represent total succumbing to Fight, Freeze or Flight behavior.  A meltdown is a catastrophic reaction to stress where the individual loses conscious control over his or her behavior.  The person becomes “disorganized.”  The emotion is usually rage or overwhelming fear.  There may be some short term intentional behavior, but there is a marked absence […]


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