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How Do You Know When Your Child with ASD is Being Bullied?

Children living with autism usually automatically think that everyone, especially their classmates, have good intentions and are their friends. Unfortunately, their social communication challenges inhibit them from detecting most forms of bullying, making them highly vulnerable to it. In contrast, bullies are masters of manipulating communication and socialization, thereby transforming a seemingly innocent interaction into […]


10 Quick Facts on Autism


5 Simple Ways To Help Prevent Wandering in Children with Autism

It can be scary if you think you have 60 seconds to run to the bathroom and the next thing you know, the front door to your home is wide open and your child is nowhere to be found. Or you believe your child is safe at school and then you get a phone call […]


Ways to help your ASD Child go to bed

The most important thing to establish immediately is a night time routine. This routine must be consistent and enjoyable. Find below a list of surefire ways to put your child to rest. Set a nightly bedtime and stick to it. Around an hour before bedtime, start the night routine. Do not let anything interfere with […]


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